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Dear Reader, Dreamer, Doer,

logoWe are happy to support the making of the world’s first book about women who have been to Kilimanjaro. More than 40 women of 30 different nationalities have contributed their inspirational stories to this one of a kind book, which includes a story written by Deb Denis.

You have unique opportunity to buy the special limited hard cover edition for €50 which includes postage and packaging, and also support two amazing charities:

* with every book bought using the promo code AFRICAID, you donate 15% of the price to AfricAid, a nonprofit organization that supports girls’ education in Africa, AND

* with every book bought, 1 textbook will be donated to Tanzanian school child. The pre-sales will support Gombero & Elerai primary schools via the Impatiens Kilimanjari Fund

Pre-order the book here – and remember to use the promo code AFRICAID.  Thank you for extending your gifts into the world through your purchase – you make a difference.


Yours Sincerely,

Janika Vaikjärv, Ladies Trekking Virtual Club


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Dreamers & Doers is now available for Pre-order http://www.ladiestrekking.com/book/pre-order/

Dear friend, order the book and grant some moral and mental strength, your support and belief that she will reach the Roof of Africa.

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