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Reader comments about Kilimanjaro, One Woman’s Journey to the Roof of Africa and Beyond

US Review

“While this is a book about reaching the summit of one of the largest mountains in the world, it is actually the story of so much more: courage, commitment, strength, and kindness.”  

Main Line Today

“Determined to be a ‘lighter presence in the world,’ Newtown Square’s Deb Denis made the ascent of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro in the summer of 2011.  Faced with her mother’s brain cancer diagnosis, and despite athletic shortcomings, Denis forged ahead with her journey to East Africa, overcoming fear and pushing her physical limits.  Kilimanjaro chronicles all the things that made the climb possible, from meditation and diet to intense reflection and, ultimately, hope”  -Emily Riley, Main Line Today Magazine

“Once I picked it up I was hooked”

“Deb is the female Hemingway.”  <– could be Deb’s favorite 😉

“Her warm compassion, light-hearted humor and soul-baring honesty will take you on an inner journey too, bringing laughter and tears, along a trail that opens you to the endless possibilities of life. Like a trusted friend, this caring and adventurous woman will help you discover what it means to follow your heart and live with courage.”

“I couldn’t put it down.”

“I’ll be recommending the book to many.”

“Get ready for the journey of a lifetime!”

 “I was really captivated on so many levels.”

“Reading your book made me laugh, cry . . . your book taught me to use my voice.”

“Bravo! Perfect combination of passion and truth.”

“I enjoyed the book immensely.  I wanted more!”

“Truly an inspirational book.”

“I wanted to know more. I love it.”

“made me laugh out loud”

“I laughed, cried and came away inspired”

“A wonderful and inspirational book”

“An awesome story.”

“A wonderful adventure!”

“I’m on vacation . . . with Deb Denis’ book.  I’m @ the beach, but every night I’m in Tanzania.”

 “It inspired me heaps.”

“If you are looking for motivation and a touching story, this is a great read!”

“. . . told with the ease of a familiar conversation with a best friend over coffee.  I couldn’t put it down and I’ll bet you can’t either.  Read this book!”

 “I felt as though you were speaking to me.”

“I felt like I was there with you.”

“Deb, I feel like you are sitting here telling me the story yourself.”

“entertaining and thought-provoking”

 “I find myself being drawn back into the story . . . provoking me with some old unanswered questions and some new unexplored questions.”

“The experience of challenging the mountain became so real to me as I read word by word the ascent and descent.”

“Of all the books I have read about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, yours by far had the greatest impact on me”

“the most comprehensive account of one person’s climb I’ve come across”

“An inspiration to many other Kilimanjaro climbers.”

“I now [feel] inspired with a renewed sense of excitement. . . I’m going into this with an open mind, open heart, and sheer will.”



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